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This gallery shares some of my travels as a wedding photographer; days spent couples and families during their most intimate and beautiful times. 

Wedding photography is a genre that is, much understood and often misrepresented. The bossy photographer, who believes that the day is theirs. The photographer who insists on forced repetitive poses, or the candid photographer who hide in the shadows hoping to go unnoticed. For me, a wedding is about the emotion, the nerves, the laughs, the unadulterated joy the day brings. Although unobtrusive, I like to work close, interacting with you and your guest, laughing joking and of course taking pictures. So while I don't look to influence your day, I capture the day from your perspective, looking out not in. When you see your photographs, it is your own emotions and memories that come flooding back. 

Of course, I also try to capture those moments everyone hopes go unnoticed, but who you share them with is entirely up to you.