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I have been a photographer for 15 years. My love of photography stretches back much further, having studied photography at college some 25 years ago and picking up my first camera some ten years before that. These days a camera in one form or another is never far from my hand ad I am continually trying new ideas. 

Over the years, I have shot street photography in Asia, travel photography in Australia, but my love has always been Wedding Photography. Nothing quite compares to pleasure gained from seeing a couple relive the joy and happiness of their day through the visual story that I have created.  

Photography Liverpool was born out of the idea of wanting to photograph weddings in the way imagined mine. Not a series of staged and uncomfortable formals, but a true story of the day told not in words but in images. 

The way you feel on your wedding day will be like no other; the emotions and joy expressed are real; they are not something that you can fake or act out on cue. My job as your Wedding Photographer is to hold onto those feelings for you, capture those fleeting moment and give you something to treasure for a lifetime to come.

My Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

Photographing a wedding for me is a privilege, but with this comes the responsibility of curator and visual storyteller. The pictures I take of people at a wedding are not just for them, but their children and their children’s children.

My philosophy and approach to wedding photography is, therefore, more than that of a casual observer! I will be there alongside you capturing moments as they unfold, those real but fleeting moments of joy and emotion snatched glances.

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where to start?

a question for every couple

Once you have got over the elation of being asked, or getting the answer you hoped, every couple next question is; Where do we start?

Getting married is BIG! No matter your budget, how extravagant or low key, its a BIG day for you! Few of us are full time event managers, yet we feel compelled to plan our day down to the smallest of details, each with huge sentimental value. Of course we do, its our wedding day!

Yet your day will come and be gone before you know. Your day will be a whirlwind of nerves, of joy, and unimaginable happiness. You will be swept off your feet, not just by your partner but friends and family all of whom will want to share their own moments with you.

By working with you from your first enquiry, I will already know, each of your details and their individual significance. We will have planned how to showcase each every one in advance, so that even those details you miss on the day, you will have available to look back and treasure.

By working from the inside out rather then the outside in, I will be there alongside you to capture the emotions you see, so that your photos will be a true reflection of your own story and memories.

I don't ever intend to sulk in the shadows, or hide in the background! I get to know and talk to your guest, so that when you're nan busts some moves on the dance floor, she doesn't suddenly freeze and shy away from the camera, but fails to even notice me. I will be on the dance floor amongst your guest, laughing joking and of course taking photos.

Each and every wedding is a different as we are as people, my job is to get to know you, learn who you are as a couple and then tell your unique and ultimately special story.

love who you are

Naturally posed wedding portrait with bride and groom at The Bridge Hotel in Weatherby by Photography Liverpool
Naturally posed wedding photo with bride at St Georges Hall Liverpool by Photography Liverpool

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“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”